Tuesday, February 14, 2012

20 Things I Love About Him

Happy Valentine's Day
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So, it's LOVER'S DAY all around the country and I wonder if you've told that special someone that you love them? You know we shouldn't wait until a designated day to show our affection and to say "I appreciate you", but I just love Valentine's Day. I love the cards and flowers and date night and of course....THE CHOCOLATE!

Isayah and I enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a little Indian restaurant called Passport to India, here in Charlotte, while the boys were in school. The food was absolutely delish and the price was awesome too. My favorite parts of the lunch were the okra, tomato and onion stew, the Naan and the Masala Tea. I'm going to try and make that tea at home. It was too good to only have once!

I wanted to remind my loving, sweet husband how much I love him so I made a mini-scrapbook for him called "20 Things I Love About You". It took some doing to surprise him, because he is quite the nosey one. But when I finally revealed it, he said it was THE BEST VALENTINE'S DAY card he every received!! Wow! That says a lot (even though, technically, it's not a card...it's a mini-scrapbook...but that's a guy for ya...)

I wanted to share my mini scrapbook that I made for my DH. This is going to be a bit photo heavy so bear with me. I just think it turned out super cute.

I made this mini-book from cardboard cereal boxes...can you believe?? I'm being all "recycl-ish"
It wasn't hard coming up with 20 things...I love sooo many things about my husband and I thank God for allowing me to be a part of his life.
One of the things I really adore about Isayah is the fact that he is so romantic and so funny. I am a relatively serious person. He really balances me out and helps me not take life so seriously all the time.
I found these cute little kissy lips at Big Lots, of all places. I couldn't wait to use them on this scrapbook. Mmwah!
I think one of the things that really got my husband's attention about this mini-book was the fact that I used so many random pictures of him. I really don't like lots of posed pics. I like actions shots of our life...unscripted. The pic above on the right is of my DH working on the family mini-van. He really can fix just about ANYTHING.
I was able to complete this mini-book, just using my stash. I'll admit, I have quite a large stash, but I didn't go out to the scrapbook shop AT ALL to complete this book. I think that might be a record for me. I feel kinda proud of myself for that. (hold the applause)

I found this green speech bubble paper in one of my many paper packs. I was able to write all the things I wanted to remind him of like "I've got his back" and "You've got my support". Sometimes hubbies just need to be reminded.
Oh, I should probably tell you where I got the idea for this mini-book. It came from Heidi Swapp's website. I love how she included the pop-up type heart pages inside. It gave me lots of room to documents all the ways I love my man.
I love this "sealed with a kiss" envelope embellishment....so cute!

Overall, I thought this mini-book was a great way to show my everlasting love for the most important man in my life. He is so amazing and I didn't want another day to go by without me telling him so. Don't forget to tell that special someone in your life, how much they mean to you. It doesn't matter if it's Valentine's Day or not. Just say the words they want to hear. You'll both feel better.

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