Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Resolutions

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by...

I cannot believe 2010 is gone!!! Wow! That was FAST! So on to 2011; bigger and better and stronger and (hopefully) wiser and sweeter and all the other "ers" I could add. Hope your new year's eve was happy and blessed and hope your first 2011 kiss was sweet....

So here's my first card creation for 2011. She was a little freebie from the Greeting Farm blog and I think she is just perfect. She's festive, joyful and cute; all the things you want to be as a new year begins. I added the hourglass and balloons.I used my cricut to create the large scalloped circle and in the spirit of "using stash"; I pulled out some old numbers from one of my scrap drawers and added them for the count down. Crystal lacquer made the hourglass pop and look so real I could almost see the sand descending. You may not be able to tell from this picture but I added some Star Dust Stickles to her headband, beauty queen sash and her starry earrings. She is colored with Copic Sketch markers.

As I spent some time reflecting today; the last day of the Kwanzaa celebration; Imani (Faith), I began to think about all those things I left undone in 2010 and the things I need to do (some immediately) in 2011.

Sorry to say I may not be crafting as often as I would like because I have some projects that I have put on the back burner that really require my attention. However, I will create as often as time permits because crafting is my little piece of quiet "me time" that invigorates me and calms my mind from some of the hectic-ness that occurs from day to day. So in addition to getting some things done, here are a few of my other new year's resolutions.
  1. Pray and read my Bible more
  2. Spend more time with my side of the family. I spend a lot of time with my husband's family, but I really need to spend more time with my mom and dad's family.
  3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse for my upcoming "one-woman" show.
  4. Lose 40 lbs before my 40th birthday(July13th). I'm a little nervous about turning 40. I almost feel like I am officially old when I hit 40. But I know and know "of" many beautiful, strong, creative and happy women who are 40 and beyond (Jada Pinkett Smith, J Lo, my friends Alicia and Candace, Halle Berry...I could go on) So I need to get over my fear and embrace this new chapter with grace, creativity, courage, wisdom and some POW. I am only old if I feel and act old.
  5. Adjacent to losing 40lbs is getting off of these blood pressure pills. I hate taking medicine and I believe if I lose the weight I can come off of the little buggers.
  6. I am going to get the African Ancestry test done, so I can find out what African country my family comes from. This is so important to me. Most people can trace their heritage back for many generations. This is quite difficult for most African Americans. I just believe that knowing more about my ancestors may unlock some doors and connect me to something so ancient and significant....I can't wait. I'm definitely going to blog about that.
I guess that's it for now....Whew...That's alot. LOL

Happy 2011!!!!

Thanks for stopping by....See you next time!


  1. HI Kami I just found your blog and I think I just found a new friend :0).. OMG as I was shuting down my computer I just clicked on your link thru "feline playful" and I was just about in "tears".. JUST when you think no ONE understnads. here u R speaking my words out loud.. I am fast on the 40 track too April. 1971 lol.. weight loss and trying to put my life and family life in the "correct" order. I ask that even though you may not know me that I can ask for a "prayer" request from you. I don't hardly have the relation ship with him that I should have.. but for somereason he just keeps walking me thru.
    I have join your other blog too and I think I just found my motovation to get up and be a better me.. So nice getting to know you

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family
    please visit me at my blog..

  2. I think I skimmed some of these before but it's so funny...we both want to lose 40lbs before our birthday and can u believe when MY birthday is?? Yep, you guessed it! JULY 13- no lie!!! But for some strange reason, my birth certificate says 1965 LOL so I got 6 yrs on ya! I don't have high blood pressure or anything but I just want to be sexier in 2011 :)

  3. I loved reading all of the resolutions that you have for 2011. You go, girl! You don't waste your time with just one or two put your heart and soul into this! I wish I had the inner strength that you have to tey to tackle such a list. My prayers are with you on your weight loss. I would love to lose some weight, so maybe you're the inspiration I need! High blood pressure is such a nasty thing to deal with, especially in your culture. My family has lots of problems with this, and it ended up taking all of my grandparents and parents. I'm blessed with low blood pressure, butsince I have Crohn's Disease it's not exactly a blessing. Now, I understand where all your creativity comes from. A "one-woman" show. WOW! You really are taking on quite a lot this year! Good luck on researching your ancestry! Several members of my family said they were taking on this task, and then one ended up with Alzheimer's Disease and another died, so we have to start at square one again. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for African-Americans especially after all of the problems our family has stumbled across. My doctors swear I have some Jewish ancestors because of having Crohn's, and when we've searched into the German relatives we always come up short. I pray that your search will give you and your family the answers to many of your questions. Happy New Year!