Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day for Daisies Challenge: "Please Pass the Traditions"

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My Grandma, Lucy was a Domestic Diva. Her house was always immaculate, filled with warm yummy smells. And when it came down to Friday nights you could always find a game of Spades going on around her kitchen table and all our teenage friends were welcomed. The game just wasn't complete without her sassy poetic recitations ("the same thing that makes you laugh can make you cry" was her favorite) or her delicious pound cake. I can taste it now, all warm and tender and sweeeeeet.

When I found a "Pass the Traditions" challenge on A Day for Daisies' site I instantly thought of Grandma Lucy and all those holidays and regular days that she made so special to our family. The challenge was to use an ADFD image and a traditional family recipe on a card. So on this Friday I give this tribute to my funny, sassy, Diva, Grandma Lucy. I put a little twist on her pound cake 'cause I'm a girl who can't live without her chocolate. And maybe we'll play a game of trash talkin' Spades tonight in her honor...LOL

Have a Fun Friday!!!...See you next time.


  1. Elegant card and lovely tribute. What a great way to pass on a great tradition!

  2. Kami, I saw this on SOC... LOVELY!!

  3. OOH, I'm on your blog list!! I'm so excited! Thank you!