Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scraps of Color Blog Challenge: What's on Your Scrappy Wish List?

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Tis the season for Black Friday deals galore, shopping, coupon clipping, making lists and checking them twice. Typically we're all thinking about the children. I have two boys who have already written out their Christmas lists. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I believe in starting and finishing early.. Although the little ones are always at the top of our list, my favorite "ning" group Scraps of Color challenged us to post our own personal wish list.

Mine is pretty simple, you see my husband, our two sons and I currently live in a two bedroom apartment. Yeah, it's pretty cramped but I feel blessed to have a beautiful roof over our heads and very friendly neighbors. But we're talking about wishes, right?? So my wish is to move back into a house and have my very own "Paper Trail Studio"...LOL...aka a Scrapbook and Crafting room. I want it bad!!!!! I have so much stuff. Every drawer and closet has traces of cardmaking or scrapbooking in it. I have purchased so many rubber maid tubs I should own some stock in the company! Right now I'm crafting wherever I can; at the kitchen table, on the floor, in the sunroom; on a cheap table I bought from Wally World. :-)...but my wish is something like this...

Ahhhhhh, yes! Now this is paradise. I love the light streaming in through the window and the clean fresh decor. Yeah, I think I could make this work!! Trust me, I have enough stuff to fill every cabinet, drawer and bin. I might even put myself on a buying freeze (@ least for a few months) if I could have a room like this.

I've already hinted to my sweet husband that I need this space and we've been house hunting for the past few weeks so.....Let's hope dreams and wishes still come true for grown up little girls.....

Here's hoping you get your wish today!!!
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  1. Wishing you much success! Love the scrap room!
    Take care and God bless.

  2. Great space to create.....The house is coming in 2011!

  3. Great space...hoping all your wishes come true!