Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nine Pictures of Purpose

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by...

So by now you know that I am on a One Little Word journey with Ali Edwards and I am enjoying the experience. I have been far more focused and determined the last few months to walk in my purpose and complete a very large assignment that I believe will be life changing for me and my family. I'm so excited about the possibilities!

I want to share my photographic images that represent my life's purpose:

I want to tell you why I chose these pics to represent PURPOSE in my life. I'll go from left to right starting on the top row.
  1. Reach: I want to reach for my highest potential in life; strive for excellence in every area. This photo also reminds me of God. Without God's help I won't be able to fulfill my PURPOSE.
  2. Give: It is my PURPOSE to be a giver; give my time, talents, energy, creativity and love everywhere I go.
  3. Stability. That's something I've been lacking for quite some time. I start tasks and then let them go. Get totally geeked about something for a short season and then lose interest; never really completing long term assignments. I am leaving that in my past and walking in stability. Be Stable just like these pillars; serving as the support beams.
  4. Write, me the photo of me writing says so much. This represents for me all of my create expressions; completing the play, planning for events and performances and just telling my story and the stories of my culture with authenticity and joy. Write!
  5. Create. As long as I live I want to be just like my Father; creative. He's such a great painter and sculptor. If you need proof just look at a sunset or the human body. Wow! It doesn't get any better than that!
  6. Observe: Okay, the picture of the plant has a very unusual back story. We had to take our seven year old to the emergency room one Saturday morning. I took my camera, of course, and while we were sitting in the waiting room I started looking around. I began to notice how beautiful the designers had decided to make the waiting area. A place that would normally evoke drab, dreary feelings looked absolutely lovely and calming. So that's my purpose; to find beauty in unusual places. Whether that's in people who others have given up on, schools that the community has deemed a lost cause, or in physical locations where no one else dares to tread. My PURPOSE is to see each situation the God sees it; and Observe the beauty in it.
  7. Supportive: I'm going to be totally transparent here. I have not always been the model wife. I don't always support my husband the way he would like or in the way that I know I should. Sometimes it is very hard for me; being raised by a divorced, single mom. I have always been very independent and I guess I expect my husband to be the same, but the truth of the matter is that I was designed to support him and lift him up so that he can reach his full potential. I know I am his help from the sanctuary of God. I just need to remember that when I am going throughout my days. I really love him and he needs to know it, see it and feel it...more.
  8. Forward. I've been stagnant for a while, or working on things that don't really have anything to with my ultimate PURPOSE. Wasting time. So I am determined to move forward. Each task that I take on needs to get me closer to my PURPOSE ...period.
  9. Love: My husband and I have two awesome sons. They are both very different and require different types of parenting skills and strategies. I know that we were given these children for a very specific PURPOSE and I want to LOVE them just the way they need to be loved so that they too can walk in their life's PURPOSE.
I'm telling you, this One Little Word project has become quite spiritual and introspective for me. This is a year long project, so I hope you'll decide to join us. One Little Word can change you year.

Thanks for looking. Peace & Blessing to you.

See you next time!


  1. Hi Kami - I found your blog through a comment you left on a couple of my photos over at Big Picture classes. I'm enrolled in the photography class (something about taking pictures with any camera). You asked if I'd taken the class before. No, this is my first time there, but I am taking the Picture Inspiration class, and love it. I'm also doing the One Little Word project. I like you, am a story-teller, and blogger (love the way you've decorated your space here). Hope to see more of your photos (you've a beautiful family). I love sharing our creative spirit on-line.

  2. Love the interpretation of your OLW, tho' it's a super BIG one. Thx for sharing.